True Newsletter 3

terça-feira, 11 abril 2023
True Project - Newsletter Issue#3 PDF

The Serious Game is underway! 

The Serious Game is now under development. 
The game aims to help everyone interested to learn about blockchain technology in an easy and fun way. The game is designed so it’s easy for anyone to participate without any prior knowledge on blockchain concepts. The game is based on cards and it will offer basic understanding to the all the fundamental aspects of blockchain technology. This will also serve as a platform for the participants of MOOC to test their knowledge in a fun way! 
What’s next 
All the partners are now working in completing the platform with the MOOC and also the translations for every language.

After this stage the pilot testing will begin, so we can ensure that everything is as planned and also to have a change for minor corrections. In the meantime the Serious Game will be completed and all partners will proceed to final testing.
The TRUE Project is starting to take shape and we are all very excited and happy.