True Newslettter #2

quinta-feira, 17 novembro 2022
   True Project - Newsletter Issue#2 PDF 

​The MOOC is ready! 

We are proud to announce that the Course is now ready This MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are aimed to HEI stuff members and their main objective is to introduce and educate the appropriate audience about blockchain technology, how it works, the potentials and also the challenges. 

The MOOC comprises of seven modules: 

  1. Introduction to Blockchain 
  2. Types of blockchains 
  3. Wallets and key management 
  4. Privacy considerations 
  5. Examples of application domains 
  6. Blockchain in education 
  7. Potential and limitations 

Each module is divided in 4 sections (Theoretical content, Examples and case studies, Self-assessment quiz and exercises and Additional materials and references). All modules are translated and will be available through the project. 

What’s next 

The next big step is the development of a Serious Game that will be developed on the MOOC and will assist in the education process of HEI stuff. By using a Serious Game specifically developed for this content, will ensure the best learning experience and results for the participants. 

● the partners will integrate the knowledge-intensive modules of the MOOC with a Serious Game, i.e. the model of a game with learning purposes, aimed at making easier and more attractive the education process 

● accessible the high-level technology features of blockchain. The Serious Game will be developed around a game scenario and a set of pre-defined rules and objectives 

● participants (drawing from the role-playing theory), all of them linked to a particular piece of knowledge and attached skill / competence